Together We Stand With Gaza

01 November 2023
The destruction that has been inflicted on the Gaza Strip is beyond comprehension. According to the UN at least 45% of all housing units have been leveled to the ground, and the population needs all kinds of interventions. As the situation worsens and the aggression continues, it is expected that urgent needs will increase, requiring comprehensive interventions to cover their basic needs. Therefore, and in continuous efforts to aid and support our community in Gaza, Taawon launched a new campaign “Together We Stand With Gaza".

Ever since 1995, Taawon’s has been a lifeline to the people in Gaza with a team working on the ground and partnering up with local organizations in the strip and today is no different. The team in Gaza, is already working to follow up the implementation of this campaign with what is accessible inside the strip but much more is needed. This is why your support in this campaign is crucial to secure imminent necessities and reach the largest number of people.

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