New Early childhood kids Clubs in Refugee Camps

18 January 2024

Intending to create community centers that enable children to have a safe environment that supports their physical, social, and emotional development, and well-being, the Early Childhood Kids Clubs, launched in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon in 2023. 

The clubs that are part of the Makani project, are distributed across the camps in Beirut, the north, the south, the Beqaa region, and in the southern gathering Wadi el- Zayni, coming to a total of ten clubs. These clubs are located in our partnered organizations namely The Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts (Al Jana) in Wadi el-Zayni gathering, the Development Center (Alwan) in the Ein El-Hilweh camp, Fraternity Association for Social and Cultural Work in the Burj Barajneh and El Buss camps, Shahd Association in Wavel camp, Al Mobader Association in the Beddawi camp, Bet Atfal Assumoud Association in Shatila, Rashidieh, and Beddawi camps, and the General Union of Palestinian Women in Ein el Hilweh camp. 

Half of these clubs had to be constructed from scratch to make the necessary hosting space, and then, they had to be equipped with chairs, tables, stationery, books, and toys. Whereas the remaining half only needed to be equipped with the mentioned materials to create the feeling of the club.  

Activities and educational enrichment will be conducted with the assistance of educational references and resources, such as the Educators' Manual on Psychomotor Activities, active learning, and multi-purpose educational activities. To secure smooth sailing and the complete implementation of this initiative, a team of 12 facilitators has undergone rigorous training at the Lebanese Institute for Educators.

As of now 267 kids between the ages of 5 and 6 benefit from these centers where the clubs operate three days a week, welcoming children not affiliated with any kindergarten on Mondays and Wednesdays, and on Fridays for those already enrolled in kindergartens.