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"Life in colors is better!"


Anas Awad had trouble seeing the finer details of life due to a condition that affected his eyesight. His life lacks vivid colors and details, and his daily life chores get harder and harder especially at school. He is in the 7th grade at Al Kastal school at Jaleel camp and he continuously needs his friends’ assistance because he can’t see what is written on the board clearly. The school instructor prints out daily his lessons in a bigger font, “This makes the process of learning much easier for him”, she says.

Anas's mother explains, “my son feels that he is different from his friends. His case is affecting his school grades and performance although he is a hardworking and smart student”. 

What change do we bring to his life?

We offered Anas a special device designed to help people like him see better. 

He is now more independent both at school and at home. He regained his self-confidence and self-esteem and is showing enthusiasm to study more and pursue his dreams. The first thing he did after receiving the life-changing device was writing a letter to express his gratitude and feelings of observing the world around him in colors and details.  

“I would like to thank the UNRWA school for their help as well as the association that secured the device,” Anas says, “This will allow me to excel in school now that I can see the board more clearly.”

Anas is one of many who received assistive devices through Addressing the Urgent Needs for People with Disabilities in the Palestinian Camps in Lebanon, which is supported by the "Lebanon Humanitarian Fund".