"In solidarity with Beirut" appeal

07 August 2020

Few moments turned the greater part of Beirut into rubble. More than 160 people were killed and 5,000 wounded.

The destruction was massive, and the damage in the health sector in particular threatens the lives of people today and tomorrow. The explosion almost destroyed three hospitals near it, one of which is the Beirut Governmental Hospital in Karantina. The hospital is located in an area with high deprivation rates serving mainly the most marginalized groups including disadvantaged Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi refugees, along with many migrant workers.  

The explosion destroyed entire wards in the hospital, including equipment and supplies, neonatal clinic, and storage fridges along with what it contains of essential medicines and supplies.  

Mid of August, the hospital was planning to inaugurate a special unit for the treatment of children diagnosed with COVID-19, the explosion destroyed a good share of the unit’s equipment and supplies, many of which were still unwrapped and unused. 

The initial assessment of the hospital and the damage it inflicted ranks it as catastrophic. 

Supporting the hospital to bring it back to life is a contribution that will leave valuable and sustainable impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable groups now and in the future. 

The "In Solidarity with Beirut" campaign aims to mobilize support for the restoration and rehabilitation of the Beirut Governmental Hospital in Karantina.