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“All is well in the world!”


At the age of 78, Farid Chahine roamed the alleyways of Shatila camp without a home to shelter his frail body. He suffers from a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body, so the first order of business was to find ways to improve his personal hygiene, provide the necessary healthcare, and find him a place to live.

With the help of camp residents, a sum of money was collected to rent him home, and he was immediately transferred to a Taawon-supported program for the elderly. At first, he would sit by himself without talking to anyone, then he quickly adjusted to his new environment. “My days have changed completely. Now, I have a completely new life,” says Farid.

Farid today benefits from the program’s social activities, daily meals, and physical therapy, which has allowed him to use his left hand once again. He tells us, with a smile on his face, “All is well in the world!”