Adopt a school project

Our work is focused on developing schools, the methods used in the learning process, as well as providing learning facilities, such as laboratories and playgrounds, in order to prevent students from dropping out. Our intervention strategy is based on detailed studies that identify problems in the school and help us set our priorities. The ultimate goal is to develop a model school that appeals to students in terms of the physical facilities, learning methods, and teaching staff, with an emphasis on involving parents in their child’s education.

The “Life” project

One in two Palestinian students drop out of school before reaching secondary school. Their motivation to complete their education is limited by various factors, the most important of which is the difficulty in finding employment, in addition to poverty. The program aims to enhance the abilities and skills of students at risk of dropping out of school in order to motivate them to complete their studies. Parents and teachers are involved in the process to reach the desired results. 

The joy of learning!

“What I really like about the LIFE program is that we were learning by singing and playing. We were learning and having fun at the same time. The teacher…

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