Rehabilitation and restoration of community centers

We are building, renovating and equipping specialized centers for the treatment and assistance of people with special needs to meet international standards, increase their capacity, and improve the quality and number of services provided. More than 500 patients are benefiting from these centers 

Support for local NGOs

We support local NGOs by training staff and building up their capacity, in addition to equipping and improving their internal organization, whether administrative, accounting, or human resources.

Equipping playgrounds and public spaces

Sport is vital for general health and wellbeing and is a recreational activity that brings psychological and physical support. We are working continuously to secure public spaces and well-equipped playgrounds for children and youth to play safely and help promote physical and mental health in the densely populated camps. 

Renovation and rehabilitation of houses

Many dwellings lack the most basic housing and public safety standards, especially when it comes to sanitation, crumbling buildings, and hazardous electrical wiring (which regularly causes fires). Many homes in the camps are badly in need of renovation, particularly those located in mountainous areas where winter temperatures fall below zero, making families living there vulnerable to a variety of health problems. 

Omar Abdul Hadi Playground opens in Burj Al-Barajneh camp

Rehabilitating houses for a decent living