Music therapy

Music therapy sessions are conducted in Burj al-Barajneh, Shatila, Beddawi, Dbayeh, and Sidon’s camps. It is employed by specialists who have studied music professionally, in addition to psychologists. The program has proved to be effective in the treatment of psychological and behavioral problems, such as anxiety and excessive movement, particularly among children and young people. Through it, many participants have also discovered their musical talents and went on to the music education program.

Music education

By teaching music, we help the younger generation to hone their talents, express themselves, and contribute to the preservation of Palestinian heritage and folklore. It is also an opportunity for them to enhance their self-confidence and to invest their time in constructive activities that will keep them away from many problematic practices and habits. More than 50 students are able to play professionally in an orchestra, or sing in a choir, as a result of the program. Young musicians participated in concerts and various festivals inside and outside Lebanon.

Music is a treatment for children in the Palestinian camps of Lebanon