Supporting basic needs

In order to alleviate the burden on the poor, we are providing food vouchers to the poorest families of widows, orphans, and the elderly, in accordance with our deep conviction that humanitarian assistance to families in need is essential.

We also distribute vouchers for heating to the poorest families to ensure that they can stay warm during the winter, without having to compromise on other basic needs such as food or children’s education.

Renovation and rehabilitation of houses

Many dwellings lack the most basic housing and public safety standards, especially when it comes to sanitation, crumbling buildings, and hazardous electrical wiring (which regularly causes fires). Many homes in the camps are badly in need of renovation, particularly those located in mountainous areas where winter temperatures fall below zero, making families living there vulnerable to a variety of health problems.

Winter frost threatens their lives.

From dilapidated shelter to a place fit to live in ... A real change!

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