From refugee camps to the world; an odyssey

 I have graduated months ago from BAU as the top student in the department with a Major Courses GPA of 3.99/4 


During my undergraduate diploma years, I worked with the dean, a Dr., and a Ph.D. student, and I was the only undergraduate member of the team, and we did research that included new findings in the engineering domain and was published in an engineering conference that was held in Porto, Portugal. 


In addition, the university chose me to be the representative of the civil engineering department and certainly considered me one of only two undergraduate college students to be selected to join the university research committee. 


Also, ReachSchi, that is a society at Cambridge University, selected me to be the Project Development Leader of one of its essential Projects which is Nigeria Project which pursues to assist Nigerian Ph.D. students, however due to my experience, I took it whilst I was still an undergraduate student.  

Besides, in the first 3 months after graduation, I was given 6 job offers and I am currently running at two distinctive organizations, and I participated in a brief time in designing systems in Lebanon, Africa, the USA, and KSA, and I had been formerly working on a project in Qatar while I was still in the university. 

I also was given five complete scholarships, which include 2 scholarships from Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (each one is only given to two college students from the middle east), a Ph.D. scholarship at the University of Bristol in the UK (only given to two college students worldwide), and the French Government scholarship and the Netherlands Government Scholarship. I chose the University of Bristol scholarship and I will be joining the Ph.D. program noting that the university enrolled me in the Ph.D. program immediately after completing the bachelor's diploma on exception without the need to have a master’s degree. 


Again, I want to thank you for the scholarship that changed my life. I did my best to benefit from the opportunities that I got including TAAWON support, and I will always do my best to be a good representation of TAAWON students and to hopefully share the same goal of TAAWON through helping other students in the future! 

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