Amer Meets World

We also like to believe that the world met Amer the day he joined the inclusive Ghassan Kanafani kindergarten in Rashidieh camp. For a kid like Amer, it’s not easy to find sanctuary in any KG, but it’s not impossible either. Ghaliyah, Amer’s teacher said that the amount of improvement he’s done mounts up to 70%. He now sings, can write, is more active with his peers in class, plays with his siblings, gives dinner suggestions at home, and shows no reluctancy in class or in his house. The drastic change in Amer’s behavior is attributed to the nature of the teaching program in the KGs where the inclusive methodological teaching program is customized to his skills so that he learns at a pace that suits him and his growth. The program has been as rewarding for Amer as for his mom. Amer’s mom is like any mom who worries about the adversities her child will face as they grow up, only Amer’s mom is aware of it tenfold and so by seeking a special program she is now more at ease with what the world will bring him. For sure there is more exploring that Amer needs to do, and just like any explorer he will trip, fall, and lose direction sometimes, but he will swiftly get up and relocate because he’s being equipped and has all his family and our support. 


Supporting inclusive kindergartens is a pillar of the Early Childhood Education Development (ECED) Program that is supported by UNICEF. The program’s involvement includes equipping and rehabilitating the inclusive KGs according to international standards, providing them with specialized toys, and offering specialized training to teachers to stay in the loop of the latest and best practices in the field. Thanks to the program and the hard work of all actors at play, there are now 13 inclusive KGs in various camps. 

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