Support a child with special needs

Children with special needs can assimilate into their community and improve over time, but they are in constant need of therapy, treatment, and assistive devices, (such as prosthetics and hearing aids). 

125 $

per month helps a child receive treatment and rehabilitation

Help prevent a child from dropping out of school

1 out of 2 Palestinian students drops out of school before high school. The “Life” project gives them the incentive to learn and reinforces their learning skills.

75 $

per month helps a student complete their education

900 $

a year helps a student complete their education

Support a patient with kidney failure

95% of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon do not have health coverage. Dialysis is an expensive but indispensable treatment.

You can save their lives!

250 $

per month helps a patient with dialysis

3000 $

a year helps a patient with dialysis

Help restore a house and protect a family

Poor families living in an inadequate shelter that threatens their lives. They have no choice, but with your help, we can change their situation.

2500 $

can renovate a house and protect an entire family

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To donate by bank transfer

مؤسسة التعاون- لبنان/ Welfare Association

First National Bank
In US dollars 0023-195813-0016
IBAN: LB58 0108 0000 0000 0231 9581 3016

In Lebanese pound 0023-195813-001
IBAN: LB75 0108 0000 0000 0231 9581 3001